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Niagara’s Lakefront Winery

Small batch craft wines sourced only from our estate

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

And do not forget about online orders of our wines!

We just wanted to update all of our customers, new and old, to say we have FREE shipping on orders $120.00 or more until December of 2022!

We are OPEN

Mon – Friday 10-4pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 11- 5pm

Ice Wine
Meldville Wines
Red Wine
Reserve Wine
Rose Wine
Sparkling Wine
White Wine
Winemaker Special

Bringing Niagara Wines
into your home

Check out some of the great sales we have on our wines, get them while they last! Some wines have just a few cases left.

If you would like to join our mailing list of events and new launch of wines please send us your email. We do not sell or use your emails for any other purpose than providing you the information you want.

Retail Store Hours:

Weekdays 11am-4pm  |  Saturday 10am-5pm  |  Sunday 11am-5pm

If you are unable to make the visit.

For local customers feel free to leave us a voice message with you phone number and order and we will call you for pick up.

ONLY ON SATURDAYS! Please note that Pierogis will end Aug 27th!

So get yours this last weekend!


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