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Last Barrel is our inaugural production of high end fortified wine series. A very rare style in the Niagara Region, made from our family estate grapes. Not only is it rare but we also added a unique angle, as we used two not so common grape varieties. The white is Semillon aged 5 years in barrel, the red is Malbec aged 8 years in barrel. These barrels were fortified prior to bottling with very smooth grape spirit and lightly chaptalized with sweetness to compliment. As one would guess, Last Barrel means exactly that. One white and one red barrel that is more unique than the rest were chosen back in the day and left behind to become even more special. So special that this process only results in 250 bottles ever made and every bottle is hand numbered as proof of this.

Last Barrel Red: Fortified Malbec, Barrel Aged 8 Years. Sweet aromatics of cocoa, cherry and oak spice combine with dried black fruits and hint of fresh herbs. Alcohol and sweetness are in great balance which leads to a wonderful medium textured wine with a pleasantly long and tasty finish. This is the perfect before or after dinner wine, think aperitif.


Legends Malbec Fortified

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Additional information

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