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Legends Estates Winery is committed to producing wines of exceptional quality and diversity throughout its wide range of fruit wines and VQA grape wines.

Since 2000, winemaker Serge Papineau has worked with exceptional winemakers in the Ontario wine industry. His hands-on approach and attitude towards his craftmanship as a vintner continues to produce consistent, high quality wines year after year. Serge’s style is one that consists of meticulous handling to ensure that the classic varietal character of each grape is expressed in each and every bottle.

His application of old world techniques and traditions, combined with a new world flare for complexity and distinction, attribute to fine wines that perfectly balance all of those components. Serge’s personal philosophy is that a wine must express the harmony between viticulture and winemaking, embodying an expression of each grape varietal as realized by the winemaker’s love and passion for his work.

“This perfect balance in a wine will only exist if the harmony between the vineyard and the winemaker’s art are in balance.”

Wine is what you make it; luckily in this case I am [making it] – Serge Papineau Legends Estates Winery Wine Maker

His passion stems from his desire to create high quality VQA wines in keeping up with new advancements within the ever changing global wine industry.

Outside of winemaking Serge is a proud family man. His wife Courtney, son Cameron and daughter Hailey are his biggest fans. Between being a loving husband, father, and helming the winemaking process at Legends, Serge still finds the time to get away and enjoy a few rounds of golf from time to time. His commitment to family is mirrored in his dedication to his craft, an approach that integrates the philosophies upheld by the winemaking traditions of Legends Estates Winery.

Music is a psychological landscape, with all sorts of indefinable things. Wine is the same way. It has tastes that are hard to define. When I drink a great wine I get a sense of breadth – it’s like a chord sounding and echoing. – Micheal Tilson Thomas American Symphony Conductor

Legends Estates looks forward to continuing a legacy of excellence with Serge and his family, as well as the growing opportunity to showcase more Niagara wines to the world stage of consumer appreciation and award recognition of VQA wines in particular.

Photo Credit: Ken at Niagarafied


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